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Guide to E-commerce Packaging

Creating a brand identity:

Good quality packaging

When you sell online, the first physical contact customers have with your brand is the opening the package just delivered to them. This is a great opportunity for brands to make a positive impression and make the customer excited about the product. It also helps in creating better brand identity.

Customers not only care about the products they receive but also the box it is delivered in. They also post unboxing videos on social media portals like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. thus making it very important to create a good first impression.

Thus, choose effective packaging that protects your goods, looks good and is the right size so you don’t end up overpaying while shipping it.


Considerations while selecting your packaging:

packaging solutions

  • Budget: 

    You will have to set an overall goal as to how much to spend on Packaging. This will impact the type of packaging you use and how much you stock. We therefore provide LOW Minimum order quantities so you can focus on your product.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 

    You may have heard about how shipping companies charged based on volumetric weight and the package weight. Try to minimize the dimensions and make the packaging light and small to save costs on materials and shipping fees.
  • Your product: 

    It is important to note what kind of product needs what packaging. Eg. Fragile items, Food/ Mithai boxes, etc. need different packaging than say a t-shirt brand.
  • Safety & Strength:

    Your product must not be tampered/ broken when it reaches the customer. Your packaging should be able to take the slight wear and tear when in transit.
  • Brand image:

    Create a strong brand image and lasting impression on the customer.


Types of packaging:

custom packaging

  • External packaging: 

    This is includes the poly-mailer tamper proof bags, corrugated boxes, bags and envelopes. This outer layer has to be strong enough to bear slight wear and tear while its being shipped. Example: You could use a custom tape with your corrugated box to make it more custom.
  • Internal Packaging:

    This includes packaging around your product. Tissue paper, foam to fill up void, bubble wrap etc. Customize the inside product box or printed tissue paper and stickers with your brand name. You can also include a personal note or special instructions to help customers get more value out of your product—these are inexpensive, cheaper ways to add a nice touch.


Packnest provides corrugated and custom boxes, tapes, tamper proof bags, custom tissue paper, cloth and kraft paper bags, bubble wrap, eco-friendly solutions and design services all under one roof.

Fill the contact us page and tell us about product. We’ll help you get the right packaging for your product at affordable prices.


I need to ship grocery items… Can you help me to choose right packaging.. Plz..


Looking for jewellery packing boxes

Minal Chhatbar

I need to courier a4 size painting with glass frame from mumbai to kolkata.

Priyanka sharma

I’m looking to get customised packaging for Jewellery.

Sharmila Shettigar

Hello, we are a startup in its infancy stage and are looking for a packaging partner who can help us with making the right choices.We came across packnest through great reviews on Instagram and would like to know more details on the choosing the right packaging. I am interested to see some samples and share ideas on my requirement if you have a pop up shop. Do contact me so we can discuss further.


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